This unit can provide audible information on the status of the system. It enables any remote, touch-tone (DTMF) telephone to serve as the system keypad. You can acknowledge alarms in order to halt follow-me phoning.

You can change telephone numbers from a remote touch-phone

 The module also enables remote listen-in and speak-in to the premises. This is achieved through the use of the Listen and Talk module which can be positioned in a central location inside the premises. This has been found to be particularly beneficial for elderly care, allowing two way communication with users in times of emergency.

The Interactive Voice Module works with any touchtone or mobile phone to provide a plain language interface to the system. You can customise messages for different alarm situations, these can be for any reason.  

The most common include intruder, flood, medical emergency, freezer failure, the reasons are endless.

Each system can have up to 16 messages up to 16 different telephone numbers.

Below are samples of the equipment we use

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