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Albion Castle is the training arm of Eagle Security Systems Limited.

These are two of the businesses based in Galtee House Heanor Road Ilkeston in Derbyshire.

Together these two companies can supply all your Safety and Security needs.

Eagle Security

Install and Maintain

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Security Alarms.

CCTV Systems.

Access Control Systems.

Electric Security Fencing.

PA systems.

Hearing Loops for the deaf.

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Albion Castle

Can deliver training courses on

First Aid at Work

Emergency First Aid at Work

Community First Aid

Health and Safety in Work Place

Certificate and Diploma in Providing Electronic Security and  Emergency Systems

For your First Aid needs we can supply.

First Aid Boxes

Emergency Room equipment.


Also in Galtee House we have BioKi Limited who can advise and supply you with a range of Herbal Food Supplements.

We have Awen Gifts who will supply you exiting gifts and all you need for dowsing and water divining.

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We are based in Ilkeston midway between Derby and Nottingham

Ideal for any location in Derbyshire, Nottinhamshire or anywhere in the East Midlands


0115 944 1234

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First Aid

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Emergency First Aid at Work

First Aid




First Aid


First Aid

First Aid at Work

Oxysure 615 allows a parent, bystander, or the victim himself to administer lifesaving oxygen in the event of a medical emergency, to bridge the gap between the onset of a medical emergency and the time the first responders arrive on the scene.

Product Features and Benefits

How much oxygen does the system provide?

The system will provide a flow rate of 6 liters per minute for at least 15 minutes, for a minimum total of 90 liters of medically pure (USP) oxygen. If additional oxygen is required, the cartridge can be quickly replaced and the process repeated, providing an additional 15 minutes of emergency oxygen.

Do I need a prescription for Model 615?

No. The Model 615 has FDA clearance for over the counter sale. You can purchase the Model 615 today and have it delivered to your door.

Does Model 615 present an explosion hazard?

No. One of the key advantages of the proprietary “oxygen from powder” technology is safety. The Model 615 does not present an explosion hazard.

How does OxySure compare with a compressed oxygen tank?

The Model 615 does not store pressurized oxygen in gas form. Instead, it consists of two inert powders. Only after the knob is turned do the components come together to create oxygen. As a result, there is no storage of oxygen; the oxygen is created on demand. As a result, the Model 615 eliminates the dangers traditionally associated with compressed tanks.

Can I dispose of the used cartridge in regular household trash?

Yes. The expended cartridge is completely environmentally friendly.

How do I replace the cartridge once it has been used?

Replacement cartridges are available through OxySure. To replace the cartridge, simply open the outer housing, remove the used cartridge and insert the new cartridge. Closing the lid completes the replacement process.

What are some of the locations or places where the Model 615 can be placed into service?

OxySure’s Model 615 revolutionizes the accessibility of medical oxygen by making it safe, affordable and easy to use. While this list is not comprehensive, it provides some examples of where Model 615 can be used…

Homes, Airports, Schools, Libraries, Restaurants, Commercial Buildings, High Rise Buildings, Government Buildings, Hotels, Manufacturing Facilities, Business Complexes, Shopping Malls, Swimming Pools, Military Bases/Vehicles, Oil Rigs, Health Clubs & Spas, Rec Centers, Sports Stadiums, Casinos, Doctors/Dentist offices, RVs, Boats, alongside any Automated External Defibrillator (AED), any place where a heart attack might occur, or as part of a first aid kit.


0115 944 1234

For free demonstration


In the East Midlands Area

Oxysure 615 Oxygen from Powder FAQ Oxysure Video Buy Now
Oxysure 615 Oxygen from Powder FAQ Oxysure Video Buy Now
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