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Fire Extinguishers

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Carbon Dioxide C02

Best for electrical fires and liquids such as grease, fats, oils, paint, petrol etc. (except chip or fat pan fires). Clean, effective and safe on live electrical equipment.

This type of extinguisher does not cool the fire very well and you need to watch that the fire does not start up again. Gas from C02 extinguishers can be harmful if used in confined spaces as it displaces oxygen in the air . Ventilate the area as soon as the fire has been extinguished. The discharge horn should be directed at the base of the fire

Carbon dioxide (CO2) extinguishers are suitable for use on small fires involving flammable liquids and electrical equipment, particularly where it is necessary to avoid damage or contamination by foam or powder deposits.

Carbon dioxide does not conduct electricity, it is clean and it is easy to operate.


Carbon dioxide is an asphyxiant and has freezing capabilities. Care should be taken when using the extinguishers in basements or enclosed spaces as the gas can be an asphyxiant.

The extinguishers are very noisy when operated.

Carbon dioxide is unsuitable for extinguishing fires outdoors since the gas disperses on release.

Carbon dioxide

4Carbon dioxide extinguishers are pressure vessels and strict legal requirements

cover their manufacture and use. Bodies are manufactured to BS 5045 and must

incorporate a bursting disc or bursting valve. The disc is so designed that in the event

of increased pressure from either overfilling or a temperature rise, it will safely vent the contents to the atmosphere.

Care must be taken not to hold the horn as it gets VERY cold and can cause skin damage if touched.

2Kg Co2-34B

£ 22.99



5Kg Co2-55B

£ 62.00



2kg Polished Aluminium Co2

£ 52.95



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