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Designed to tackle Class F fires (cooking fat fires), wet chemical fire extinguishers contain a special solution that expands on contact with the burning fat, cooling and smothering the fire to prevent re-ignition. Wet chemical extinguishers can also be used on Class A fires (burning solids) and can be added to your buildings fire extinguisher provisioning total.

3 ltr Wet Chemical

The compact size and weight of the 3ltr cylinder makes this extinguisher perfect for smaller kitchens, such as those in cafes and fast food outlets.

Fire extinguisher rating: 8A, 25F

BAFE approved manufacturing process

Kitemarked to BS EN3:1996 and CE marked

Lance applicator for safe operating distance

Dielectrical mist spray nozzle which ensures the safety of the user in the event of accidental discharge on electrical fires

Ideal for restaurants, cafes, fast food outlets etc.

Supplied complete with wall bracket

5 Year Warranty

6 ltr Wet Chemical

ideal for larger restaurants, catering establishments and industrial kitchens.

Fire extinguisher rating: 13A, 75F

Kitemarked to BS EN3:1996 and CE marked

Ideal for use in commercial and industrial kitchens

Lance applicator provides safe operating distance

Spray nozzle complying with EN3-7 Clause 9 dielectrical tests

Supplied with wall mounts

Wet Chemical for fat or oil fires.

Wet chemical extinguishers work by saponification, a soapy layer forms across the entire surface of the oil, smothering the flames and cooling the oil at the same time. One 6 litre wet chemical fire extinguisher is sufficient to contain a 75 litre fat fire burning at a blistering 340 degrees.

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Typical Applications

Firetrace stops fires where they start.

Typical Applications

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6L Wet Chemical

£ 82.00



3L Wet Chemical

£ 67.50