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Identicom i-Series

The original & award winning identicom range manufactured by Connexion2 was launched in 2003. The Identicom range meets all the requirements of BS8484 from a functionality perspective and has been awarded ‘Secured by Design' status from ACPO (Association of Chief Police Officers for England & Wales).

Discreet wear and operation
The i-Series range enables a user discreet wear and operation should their safety being compromised due to either social or environmental factors. The range includes devices with a mixture of functionalities including ‘man down' (i770) & GPS capability (i757 & i777) that are tailored to specific risk profiles.

The GPS devices in the i-Series range have the capability to send current (or last known) GPS coordinates via text message (SMS) in the event of a function being carried out on the device. Therefore a user is in control of their location data, and as such an i-Series device does not integrate with the Connexion2 Mobile Workforce Management Platform.

Available Products

Fully Integrated
The original identicom device specifically designed for lone workers at risk of verbal abuse and attack offers lone workers a fully integrated, simple and effective solution. The product also allows credible audio capture at the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) end of a solution. 

Fully Integrated + GPS
The Identicom i757 offers all the functionality of the original identicom but is also GPS enabled providing a more comprehensive safety solution for the most mobile of lone workers.

Man Down
The identicom i770 is the original ‘man down' lone worker device specifically designed to mitigate environmental risk. Users who are potentially at risk of suffering a trip or fall can benefit from the automatic ‘Red Alert' function should they become incapacitated. The i770 also has the all the functionality of the original identicom with audio-evidence capture facility for staff at risk of verbal abuse or attack.

Man Down + GPS
The identicom i777 offers the most comprehensive lone worker solution option in the i-Series range. It combines all the original functionality benefits of audio-evidence capture combined with automatic ‘man down' alarm in the event of incapacity as well as being GPS enabled for additional location data benefits.

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