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The Romad Personal Safety Phone represents the leading edge in mobile design and location technology.

With a low power consumption and a sensitive omni-directional ariel ensures benchmark accuracy and location acquisition times.

The Romad RSP-100 is small, slim line and lightweight. Measuring only 90mm in height, 46mm in width and a depth of 17.5mm makes the unit compact and comfortable. Weighing only 62.5g with the standard battery attached means that the mobile can be worn on a lanyard, or placed on a belt clip.

Over the air commands are used to configure the device, providing 4 pre-programmable speed dial numbers and a rugged SOS alert button. The screen is clear and defined providing 96 x 25 pixel lines of text and permanently displays battery and signal strength indicators.

Its strong build quality, features and simple operation ensures that the RSP-100 is more than suited for deployment in any Lone Worker, Security or Workforce Management environment.

Technology features


Incorporating the latest GPS chipset provides incredible location accuracy with low power consumption.


Supporting SiRF Star III LP GPS, GSM 900/1800, GPRS and SMS.


1.2mb of internal memory.


The RSP 100 can store 20 numbers including the 4 speed dials in its phonebook, this is set up and managed through the

Power Management

Advanced power saving technology that optimises battery life.

Service Features


Calls up to 4 pre-set numbers, these can be set-up through

platform. Receive calls just like any other mobile phone and dial up to 20 numbers stored in the phonebook.

Pre Alert

Location recording capability which is time and date stamped

and can be retrieved when required.

SOS Alert

By activating the SOS button, GPS co-ordinates are acquired

Platform and a 2 way voice channel is opened between the user and an accredited ARC operator .


Display the location of the device securely online. The alert location information can be graphically displayed on the

Battery Low Alert

In the event the RSP-100 battery charge reaches a low level an alert will be raised and communicated to the platform.

Non-Movement detection Alert

In circumstances where the RSP-100 has not moved from a location for a pre-defined set time, a non-movement alert