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Security Systems

For the utmost security it is essential your alarm system is connected through to an Alarm Receiving Centre, for business premises and many houses it is often an insurance requirement.

If this is the case we will connect your system  through to EMCS - the UK's leading Independent Alarm Receiving Centre.

Your alarm will be monitored by a highly professional team of operators, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year

To help reduce false alarms passed to the Police, and in accordance with Police policy, EMCS will try to verify certain types of activation before alerting them.

When an alarm is activated, it  is presented on their system which simultaneously displays full details of you and your premises.

Commercial Premises

On receipt of an alarm from your premises, the operator will check the status of the alarm and take appropriate action in compliance with Police policy. In the event of the premises being contacted, the operator will ask that the person answering identify themselves by name and also quote the False Alarm Code (this should be a password of your choice, recorded against your system on their database).

If an operator is given the correct code, no further action need be taken. If an incorrect code is given, EMCS will implement further action.

Residential Premises

Upon receipt of activation, an attempt to contact the premises is always made. The activation would then be handled as per the procedure for Commercial Premises above.

Fire Alarms


Between the hours of 08.00 - 20.00 they will always attempt to call the premises first unless the status is showing closed.

If there is no reply or at all other times, or if people sleep on the premises, the Fire Brigade will be contacted immediately.

EMCS is accredited to ISO 9001- 2000 and has been awarded the NSI Gold scheme for the monitoring of Intruder, Fire and CCTV Systems.

Their Centre is completely self contained and is resistant to both physical attack and power failures. All their communications systems are diversely routed and completely backed up. In the unlikely event of a main systems failure, continuity of service is maintained.

They have a dedicated in-house team of IT experts to ensure the efficient running of the systems.

Rest assured that any alarm signal received from your premises will be dealt with promptly and professionally and dispatched as required to the appropriate recipient.

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Galtee House 1 Heanor Road




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The Link between your alarm systems and the Alarm Receiving Centre is of paramount importance

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For details of the benefits of the different methods.

We can supply monitoring services for Intruder, Fire, Personal Attack, Environmental Alarms, Lone Worker Protection, Vehicle Tracking, and CCTV

Personal Attack Alarms

All personal attack alarms will be passed directly to your local Police Headquarters to ensure the swiftest Police response.

CCTV cameras can be monitored remotely by trained security professionals.

Your CCTV images are routed through to the monitoring station. An individual action plan is set up to meet your requirements. This usually starts at the end of the day as you lock up.

We usually set up alarms around the perimeter and when this activates the operate will view the images. He can zoom in for a better view and look at the different cameras on site.

If it is a false alarm caused by a stray cat or fox or by litter blowing around site, the call will be logged and your sleep will not be interrupted.

If the incident is more serious, the operator will  call the police; if it is in your action plan he will call a key holder.

He can speak to the intruder communicating by loudspeaker. This will quite often drive the intruders away.

We can register your system with the police and then when the operator  describes the incident,  it is a visually confirmed alarm, the police will respond without delay.






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False Alarm Code

This code must be quoted whenever you contact EMCS. Operators are under strict instructions not to abort alarms without this code being quoted and no other information will be accepted for the purpose of cancelling Police response.

Your monitoring in safe hands.