This is ideal for applications such as automation of barriers and gates, protecting petrol station forecourts, and car park management.

The system is currently available on the 600 and 5000-4KS2 series Network Video Recorder range and this allows for the configuration of white and black list number plate databases. The database can be used in the recorders cause and effect to allow the operation of relay outputs and push notifications.

The recorder also displays a real-time list of captured plates that can be quickly integrated and exported for evidential purposes.

The Dahua range of intelligent traffic cameras can operate as a standalone solution that can be integrated in to any back office software.

IP Cameras Dahua Bullet Camera int/ext ip domes Mini PTZ Dome internal/external dome cameras ANPR cameras

Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) is a technology for automatically reading vehicle number plates.

The Dahua range of ANPR cameras operate at either short or long range recognition.

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