Eagle Security Systems

 can offer you high quality intruder alarms

To suit your home

We install a wide range of hard wired or wireless passive infra red detectors.

Passive infra red detectors look at the room and monitor the amount of infra red energy present. Any change caused by the movement of a person will trigger the alarm.

As pets sometimes stop behind, pet tolerant Passive infra red detectors allow them to enjoy your home while you are out and about.

We also install magnetic contacts suitable for most doors and windows. Vibration and breakglass detectors can be fitted to doors and windows.

Smoke detectors can be integrated into your system to give an early warning of fire.

Personal attack buttons can be fitted to activate alarm even when it is switched off.

The eagleguard sounder will alert your neighbours of the emergency with a flashing strobe and a piercing 113db sounder.

Signalling options can include a speech dialler that telephones a neighbour or your mobile telephone or can send a text message.

Subject to contract you can connect to an independent control centre that will relay your alarm through to the police and contact you or your key holders in the event of an alarm activation. The signalling methods can be digital communicator, dual-com or red care.

Then there is the proximity tag reader for quick convenient setting of your alarm with one swipe of youreasy-to-carry tag. All the family can have one, it is perfect for busy people on the go.

Naturally, versatility comes as standard, with the features you need and the accessories to match how you use your home.

Everyone’s home security needs differ: Have you got a young family or elderly relative at home?

Or maybe some much loved pets, or a hectic business travel schedule? Or perhaps the need to protect a detached out building?

Whatever your lifestyle and the people  in it, we understand that you have unique home security challenges.

Whatever your requirements, you can be sure our range gives you the benefits you expect.

Whether you are staying at  home or going away, we will design a system that fits your lifestyle.

You have a choice of stylish keypads to set and unset your alarm system and to operate any additional features you may have installed

The event log gives you complete peace of mind, you can see who has been coming and going and you can view events with event description and time and date details.

When you are going out you can set the whole system and when you return you have the convenience of using part and full set, to match how you use your home.  How reassuring it is to secure the down stairs while you sleep securely upstairs.

Or with just the press of a button you can secure your homes perimeter while everyone settles down for the evening.

You can set the system from the keypad, you can use setting fobs, or  token,

You can even set it from your iphone or other smart device.

The alarms system can contact you or your keyholders with a phone call or text message.

You have a choice of wireless or hard wired systems.

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