For secure and safe homes our Assisted Living and Emergency Response solutions combines a unique emergency response system with powerful alarm features, making your life easy and secure. Our range of products use the latest technology to allow you to quickly and easily call for help should you find yourself in difficulty.

When you push the button on your pendant, an alarm is sent directly to family members, friends, or neighbours

For even greater safety and security, our systems supports burglar and smoke detectors, gas or carbon monoxide and flood detectors.

The system can be tailored to your particular needs – for example you may wish an alarm to be triggered should a sensor detect a prolonged period of inactivity, or if somebody leaves or enters a room.

Hearing loops can be connected to your TV to enable crystal clear audio through a hearing aid. The  system can be as simple or as complicated as you require.

Eagle Security Assisted Living Systems are designed to protect your loved ones.

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 We install and maintain electronic security systems including all types of alarms including Burglar Alarms, Access Control and CCTV.  


We install and maintain all types of Fire Alarms Systems. We Supply and maintain Portable Fire Extinguishers.

Fire Intruder Alarms Electrical CCTV


For all




Access Control

Electrical Contracting

Inspection and Testing

Remote Monitoring for Security Fire and CCTV

Monitoring CCTV Electrical

Public Address systems

Inspection and Testing

Alarms for the Infirm or Elderly

Wristband Emergency Call Button

This device can be used to raise an alarm in event of an emergency and can be used to contact friend, member of the family or care provider.

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Wristband Panic Button

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The voice module informs you of an alarm activation or emergency by calling you and playing a pre-recorded announcement

Speech Module

Voice module

A flood  detectors can respond to leaks from the washing machine, overflowing baths or sinks or burst pipes.

Flood detector

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A smoke alarm can save your home and your family

Domestic Smoke Detector

Smoke Alarm

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Flood Detector Fire Home Security

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